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The Scrip Program ( through GymJam Foundation allows families to purchase gift cards from various stores at full value of the card and a percentage of that card's value to be contributed back to the Foundation and your athlete's personal account, or for non-team members, into the Foundation's general account. Twenty percent (20%) of the contribution from the vendor will go to the Foundation's general fund, and 80% will goes into the ordering family's account (or 100% for non-team members). For example, if you order $100 of Chipotle who contributes 10% back to us, $8 will go into your account, and $2 into the Foundation.

The money that goes into the athlete's account may be used to help offset competition expenses or other team fees throughout the season (not tuition). The money that goes into the Foundation's general fund is used to also help offset coaching fees, purchase equipment, etc for all athletes in the GymJam program.

Order forms are located in the team families file cabinet at the entrance into the viewing area. The order forms have the most popular cards that the families have ordered in the past. However, there is a complete list posted on the bulletin board next to the file cabinet. You may also go to to view the entire list of available stores that participate in the scrip program and the most current list is in a link below.

You may take copies and hand out to families and friends, but please submit only ONE order form with your family name on it (or "GymJam" for non-team members who are supporting the team program out of the goodness of their hearts). Checks are to made payable to the GYMJAM FOUNDATION. Please also write the name of the athlete in the memo of each check if it is going towards someone's specific account. Orders are placed every other Friday providing we have a minimum of $2500 in orders. The turn around time is one week. One dollar of the credit back will be deducted for each family's order for shipping.

Completed order forms with payment are to be given to the front desk. The completed orders are also to be picked up and signed for at the front desk. Since the cards are like cash and activated upon mailing, we can not leave orders for pick up in family file folders.

With the variety of participating stores on the scrip program it is easy to plan grocery purchases, gas purchases, hotel cards (great for competition season when we travel), or gifts for the holidays like iTune cards, Jamba Juice or Starbucks are also available. Graduation, birthday gift cards and "Back to School" shopping are other great ways to use the scrip program.

For scrip specific communication, please send questions or concerns to


  August 20, 2015   August 27, 2015
  September 3, 2015   September 11, 2015
  September 17, 2015   September 24, 2015
  October 1, 2015   October 8, 2015
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  November 19, 2015   November 25, 2015**
  December 3, 2015   December 10, 2015
  December 10, 2015   December 17, 2015***

*Pending minimum order has been meet
** fingers crossed
*** last order before Christmas

Forms are available in the Team File Case

SCRIP ORDER FORM Updated 8/1/15